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Skip Hire Facts that You Don’t Know

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If you want to eliminate waste, one of the best solutions you could consider is skip hire. While it guarantees efficient and superb waste management, there are a lot of facts that the majority of the people are unaware of. Keep on reading this article as we discuss them one by one: 

Skip hire can be utilized in different projects 

One of the usual misconceptions that people think is that skips can only be utilized on construction sites. This thinking is probably due to the builder’s extensive use of skips. But, skips could also be utilized for several types of projects if needed, particularly at home. You can utilize a skip as a system of effective waste management.  

A permit isn’t needed for skip hire 

Skip hire does not necessarily need to have a license. Although, having a permit is applicable only if you want to place the skip on a public road, where you’ll be needed to reach out to your local council to have a permit. But, in several places, companies of skip hire are accountable to apply for permits or licenses. There’s no need to have permits if you intend to place the skip on private property. 

Skips could actually help you save money 

A lot of people don’t consider much regarding the savings they could make once they opt to select skips. By looking for services of skip hire, you’ll be saving plenty of cash compared to deciding on throwing your waste manually. Skip hire services could be particularly beneficial once you have massive waste to eliminate, similar to when you are doing great home renovations or cleaning out.  

Not all things could be placed into the skip 

Putting anything into a skip is a major NO-NO. In fact, rules limit placing harmful or any hazardous materials into the skip. Some materials that should not be placed in the skip include appliance, paint tins, medical waste, fluorescent tubes, tires, items with asbestos, and batteries.  

Skip hire aids in conserving our environment 

The accumulated waste either goes to landfill or incinerator for recycling. Skips can actually help conserve our environment because most of the collected waste could be recycled. 

Skips come in various sizes 

You actually can select the size of a skip that suits your requirements, which depends on the amount of waste you would like to dispose of. 

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