Why Do You Need to Walk Your Dog?

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Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. You have to do certain tasks for your pet, and dog walking is one of them. Dog walking benefits not just your pet but you as well. You get to exercise just like your dog and you bond with each other more.

Pet Walking

Dogs, like people, need adequate exercise to live healthily. As a matter of fact, they need to flex their muscles more frequently than necessary or else they become overweight. This is a common problem among sedentary dogs. Their health problems become a major concern for their masters. Young dogs need at least an hour of exercise in order to release some of their pent-up energy. Dogs that are bred for herding, hunting, and sports need more than just an hour’s worth of exercise.

Advantages of Dog Walking

Walking your dog has many advantages and some of them were already discussed above. Well-exercised dogs tend to be well-behaved. You’ll also avoid a lot of health problems by giving your dog their daily dose of much-needed exercise.

You might think that you don’t need to walk your dog because you have such a large lawn where they can exercise. That is not necessarily true. Dogs don’t play or exercise on their own. They need interaction. You have to initiate playtime by asking them to play catch and fetch with you.

Why You Need a Dog Sitter

You may not be able to attend to your dog’s exercise needs on a daily basis, especially if you have tons of things to do. While your dog can understand it if you can’t walk them out from time to time, you have to make amends by taking advantage of pet walking services.

Regular dog walking makes your pets happy. The service may cost you some but think of it as a favor for your dog because you can’t be with him for a certain period of time. Just make sure that you hire a dog walker that your pet likes. It is necessary for both of them to enjoy each other’s company.

Raising Well-Behaved Dogs

Training your dog could start by walking them every day. Not all dogs know how to walk on a leash and walking is a good way to train them. Through dog walking, you can teach your pet how to follow your lead, while teaching them other commands such as heel, stay, and sit. If you want to train your dog while walking, bring some treats along with you during the walk.

Dog walking is also a good way to socialize your pet. While dogs are pack animals and not social animals like humans, dog walking is a great opportunity to teach them how to interact with other people and other animals. Some dogs are afraid of other people and other dogs, which is why they bark too much. Regular dog walking will help remove their anxiety and improve their confidence level. There are professional dog walkers whom you can hire and help you with all of these. Hire them if you need any help.

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