gennaio 13th, 2016

Although the future may seem unclear for CANADA, one thing is for certain: the band will eventually get his new concept album done one way or another. We hope you don’t have to wait indefinitely for the album to be completed.
That’s all for now.

Press release August 29

agosto 29th, 2014

Hi everyone!
The band is working hard to complete the new album “Of Once And Future Kings” for a late 2014 or early 2015 release. Stay tuned!

Press release January 23

gennaio 23rd, 2013

Dear Canada’s Fans,
I’m sorry for having been a bit reclusive in our digital age of informational daily overdose!

Unfortunately at this time, I have no idea when the new record will be released. Maybe later this year or early next.

My immediate plan is to continue writing and do pre-production for our new record, Of Once And Future Kings.

Keep in touch.

reCycled reviewed by Dutch Progressive Rock Page

luglio 9th, 2012

reCycled has been reviewed by the folks over at Dutch Progressive Rock Page, check it out: here

«Canada are a AOR/Prog Rock fusion that hail from Rimini in Italy and are the brainchild of Massimo Cillo. They describe their music as a mixture of Rush and AOR acts like Asia, Boston and Journey.

When I initially looked at the tracks on this EP I incorrectly thought that it was a collection of covers of famous Canadian bands, Never Surrender (Triumph) and Tom Sawyer (Rush) however whilst that might be an attractive proposition that is certainly not the case here even though the bonus track is actually a cover of Rush’s Tom Sawyer from the Moving Pictures album.

Instead Canada are fusing Rush style instrumentation with an AOR vocal and melody style to create something that is well, a little different and does on certain of these songs seem to work rather well indeed.

These songs are all re-recordings of earlier (older) material that Canada have released on various tapes and vinyl during their 15 year or so existence (they are all found on the afterimage album)

So what do they sound like?

The lead off song (Eyes On You) is certainly a strong opener with a gentle plucked intro leading into a lifting guitar before the introduction of a crunchy guitar riff and then Massimo’s soaring voice joins the fray. The song continues with a strong keyboard melody recurrent throughout and a strong chorus line, there is a lot going on in here with piano embellishments and Hammond organ subtly supporting – the guitar break when it comes is initially atonal before settling into a more traditional burst albeit short. Overall it is a good opener and a strong statement of intent.

Second track Don’t Throw Your Heart is the longest of their own songs on display here and opens with keyboards again before a rapid riff enters and the vocals come in sounding rather like a John Payne era Asia track in its short and punchy attack, the song has a very simple yet very catchy chorus that will remain in your head.

The third track is Angel Of The City is the shortest on display here and opens with a further swirl of keyboards and guitar and sounds reminiscent of another Canadian band – Santers. This is a short concise song with a good mix of sounds a short guitar solo leading to a brief keyboard solo before heading back into the chorus again

It has to be said the musicianship on display is really very good and repeated listening do reveal the multi layered approach that Canada have taken. Canada are very keen on getting to the chorus section of the song fairly quickly though.

The fourth track Never Surrender is an instrumental that offers each member of a band a showcase to display their versatility and prowess yet never descends into the look at me culture rather the track builds upon itself moving through some very Rush like phases with some great atmospherics in the background and a good interplay between the guitar, bass and keyboards

The bonus track – Tom Sawyer will be known by most I’m sure as it a cover of the Rush classic from Moving Pictures. To be honest this is possibly the weakest track on display in that it does nothing new with the song rather it is a straight reproduction of what we already know – and Massimo’s voice is not Geddy Lee and it is sung in a slightly higher register and for me at least it doesn’t really work that well. However it is a fine version but in my opinion a bit redundant and a wasted opportunity to either display another of their own pieces or to re-invent the song for themselves.

In conclusion I would suggest that Canada have great potential for the future. They certainly have the musical chops to deliver some interesting music and I look forward to hearing their next project which is a concept album due to be released during 2012 and called Of Once And Future Kings. On the basis of the material on this EP that should certainly prove to be an enticing prospect.

A good taster for what is to come overall I would give it…»

by John Wenlock-SmithDPRP – Dutch Progressive Rock Page

Great review on Progressiverockbr.com

aprile 4th, 2012

(…) «The predominant mood is lively, driven by swinging and groovy instrumentation. The powerful “Eyes On You“ opens up with strong vocals, rumbling bass & drums, corpulent keyboards, and N.W.O.B.H.M. guitar riffs. The highlights go for the great guitar solo by Johnny Petti, while the whole song recalls me of the best of “U.F.O.”, “Rainbow”, and “Whitesnake”. The following track “Don’t Throw Your Heart” tends to the AOR, being full of rock swing and driven by a sticky vocal chorus, recalling “Asia”, “Boston”, “Whitesnake”, “Winger”, and “Europe”. But the middle bass solo in “Geddy Lee” style, superposed by a great guitar solo, recall “Rush” in its best, revealing the high quality of Canada’s musicianship. The third track, “Angel of the City“ also appeals to the AOR format, slowing down to danceable beats of 80’s Rock, being however improved by a great solo sequence of 70’s styled guitar-Hammond-guitar. Track four, “Never Surrender“, is an instrumental piece with great influence of “Rush” on bass and drums, and surprising 70’s Hard-Rock bluesy guitar solos that dialogue with synthesizers solos like “Asia” and “Pendragon”. Closing the EP, the emblematic “Tom Sawyer“ (“Rush”) is perfectly performed with reverence & excellence: unless by Cillo‘s voice, which is stronger and deeper than “Geddy Lee’s” – the song sounds as being played by “Rush” musicians themselves!. Reuniting skill, musicianship and experience, Canada will be unquestionably appreciated by lovers of “Rush”, “Triumph”, “U.F.O.”, “Asia”, “Boston”, “Kansas”, “Rainbow”, “Whitesnake”, “Mr. Big”, “Winger”, “Europe”, “Van Halen”, and so on. Excellent work, highly recommendable.

by Marcelo Trottawww.progressiverockbr.com

:: reCycled :: review on Sea of Tranquillity.org

marzo 26th, 2012

:: reCycled :: has been reviewed by Sea Of Tranquillity.org

«…Rush are an influence, but then so are Asia, Journey and Dream Theater and while not all of these ideas are weaved into all of the four original songs on this EP, the clash of genre styles does hold the interest. “Eyes On You” finds the three piece of Tiziano Fabiani (drums), Massimo Arke (guitar) and Massimo Cillo (bass, vocals, keyboards, synthesizers, rhythm guitar, bass pedals, mandolin, percussion, kitchen sink and whatever else he can lay his over worked hands on) spitting out a sharp riff that sits somewhere between Vanden Plas and Pagan’s Mind. Add some flouncyish keyboards a wailing Prog Metal guitar solo and Cillo’s overly effects ladened voice and the mix is rather heady. It is also catchy as hell and damn good fun! Emphasising the point further “Don’t Throw Your Heart” dazzles with Proggy guitar scales and intricate arrangements during its verse, before taking a sharp left into a simply constructed sing along chorus. The instrumentation on both songs is crisp, sharp and impressive, with the guitars leaving a lasting impression, the bass roaming and rampaging, while Fabiani’s kit gets a fair workout. Bringing a far greater AOR sheen to proceedings, “Angel Of The City” eschews much of the Proggier side of things to head into Rush-lite via Journey. I have to say as a fan of both bands – and the genres they cover, Canada might well be onto something here. Although whether another act from the country these Italians hold so dear, Saga, haven’t already beaten them too it, is open to conjecture. “Never Surrender” belies its Rush leanings right from the “YYZ” styled chimes intro, with the nod being further emphasised via an Alex Lifeson like guitar solo and the fact the song remains vocal less…»

by Steven Reidwww.seaoftranquillity.org

:: reCycled :: review on Dangerdog.com

marzo 6th, 2012

«…Musically, this is Eighties and Rush progish melodic rock. The music is the best thing about the band. There’s some real talent and creativity here…»

by Craig Hartranftwww.dangerdog.com


febbraio 29th, 2012

Hi to everyone,
after the release of our new EP reCycled, we are continuing work on Of Once And Future Kings. We are writing and re-writing music for our new conceptual album. Progress is slow, but steady.

:: reCycled :: review on Strutterzine

gennaio 30th, 2012

::reCycled:: has been reviewed by Gabor Kleinbloesem from Holland. Check this out!

(…) This latest album contains 5 tracks and is a bit sounding like a more AOR based version of RUSH.

Eyes on you is a proggy aor rocker, while Don’t throw your heart is almost pure AOR/Melodic Rock. This last mentioned song is an uptempo rocker with also some similarities to AXXIS/ANGEL HEART, so in a German style, catchy and really strong song that somehow impresses. Next track Angel of the city offers more pure AOR with almost JOURNEYish keyboardwork and also 80s AOR dut-dut keys, another catchy tune actually! “Never surrender” is an instrumental, while closing track “Tom Sawyer” is a RUSH cover. Instrumental CANADA is very good (…). Sound/production is good and so we have a quality release after all!

(Points: 8.2 out of 10)

Thank you

gennaio 26th, 2012

Hi guys,
::reCycled:: is already getting some great reviews from the press.
We´re all very pleased with this enthusiastic reception and we’d like to thank you for your support of the band.

Shop open!

gennaio 25th, 2012

Our shop is now up and running. It’s possible to order our new CANADA T-Shirts.
Check it out!

Brand new EP out

gennaio 12th, 2012

ReCyled, CANADA’s upcoming EP made of four remakes of songs from the Afterimage album and one Rush cover track, is set for a January 20th release on cdbaby.com. Here is the artwork and tracklisting:

reCycled1. Eyes On You
2. Don’t Throw Your Heart
3. Angel of the City
4. Never Surrender
5. Tom Sawyer

Frontman Massimo Cillo comments: “The artwork on the EP takes my original illustration from the Afterimage cover and reinterprets the concept. The idea was to have the boy of the original work lost in the desert, almost recycled by the earth itself. The end result appears as if the individual were to escape from the mass production zone of society.”

Listen to full songs “Eyes on You” and “Angel of the City” from ReCycled and download them for free HERE!

Eyes on You - from reCycled (EP)

Angel of the City - from reCycled (EP)

Massimo Cillo:
Bass, Vocals, Hammond Organ, Mellotron, Piano, Synthesizers, Moog Taurus bass pedals and Percussion;
Massimo Arke: Guitars;
Tiziano Fabiani: Drums and Percussion.